Thursday, June 18, 2009

Portfolios, Portfolios, and more Portfolios!

I think I'm "portfolioed" out. Just kidding. Versus the other methods of networking we have explored in this class, I like the professionalism associated with Google Sites, Plaxo, and Linkedln (Sorry, I just can't see myself "facebooking" and "tweeting" with associates). However, out of the three sites, I prefer Google Sites the most. It provides the creator with more freedom and opportunities to be creative and expressive when creating a portfolio. And not to mention, it's extremely easy to create, edit and operate. At first, because we didn't have instructions to create a portfolio using Google Sites, I was hesitant and timid about beginning this assignment. But after a few seconds I was amazed at how user friendly the site was. To be honest, I don't think I'll ever use these sites again. Typically, when applying for jobs, I just e-mail the required documents from my computer to the listed contact person. But, it is nice to know that these options exist and are readily available.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Technorati is Techno-confusing!

Sorry, but I found to be confusing and difficult to use, and it's not because I had a long day and I'm tired. There was just way too many search options. After awhile I became lost amongst the quagmire of searches I had performed. However, not all my searches ended up bad. While searching videos tagged "Kinesiology," I came across a truly spectacular website called "DC Health." This site was loaded with information regarding nutrition, health, exercise, and weight-lifting. Typically sites labeled health or fitness try to sell you, the viewer, something. Not this site. This site was completely free and packed with valuable information pertaining to health. So, I guess I can't be too upset with

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yuck! I Hate Reading!

This is sad to admit, especially for someone who is enrolled in graduate school, but I hate reading books. I can think of a million other things I would rather do than curl up on the couch and read a book. Sorry, I'm just a bottle of energy that's always itching to go. I read books out of necessity, not for enjoyment. For example, I read text books because they're required or to obtain pertinent information. So, what I'm trying to say is this, "LibraryThing" seems like a great tool for cataloging books and making connections with people. However, it's just not my "cup of joe."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Too Much Fun!

Every time I take a shower I always wonder where the soap was used last. Sorry if that's too graphic. Anyways, image generators are so much fun. I never knew this free technological resource existed. Over the last hour I was able to make a "Lego" replica of myself, take jabs at George W. Bush, and invent my own line of soap. I'm definitely going to use image generators the next time I create a Powerpoint for my classes. If you would like to test out some image generators yourself, please visit

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Podcast Promiseland

Being a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, I had to search for strength and conditioning podcasts. While searching on, I came across a plethora of podcasts produced by the Bowdoin College Football Program. Each podcast was a video of a particular weightlifting exercise taught through an easy to follow step by step progression. After viewing several of the podcasts, it dawned on me, these would be perfect for my football players. Weightlifting cannot be taught through oral directions and instructions, the outcome could be harmful to an athlete. Ideally, weightlifting should be taught through visual demonstrations and guided practice. Therefore, before demonstrating a new "lift," I could have my players watch one of theses podcasts as a quick overview of the new exercise and then proceed with my demonstration. What a great resource I have found.

Great Football Speech (Sorry about language)


First, YouTube is very addictive. I just spent the last hour viewing video after video. It's crazy how contagious and addicting it is. One video leads to another and another and so on. What was suppose to be a three minute video, turns into a hour long viewing session. Wow! However, don't get me wrong, I truly enjoy YouTube. I'm not a frequent visitor, but I do visit the site periodically looking for a new workout technique or motivational football video. What I love about YouTube is not only does it suggest related videos, but it also suggest other videos from the creator. And this is a great tool especially when you find a producer who's videos are quality. As far as using YouTube within the classroom, I would love to. But, my district has blocked the site from appearing on the school's computers. I guess if there's a will, then there is a way.